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Deniz Mining Greets Africa

As a family owned enterprise, Deniz mining commenced the aggregate business in the beginning of 1970s under poor conditions by crushing stones with sledge hammer. We, the young generation, turned Deniz Mining a corporate company running with the highest technology.


With our 1000 tons/hour capacity full computerized aggregate crushing – screening plant, we hold the 1st position in the European Side of Istanbul and the 3rd position in Turkey. For years, we have been providing quality and economic aggregate to our customers. Thanks to our experience of 42 years, we continue R&D works in the aggregate sector in line with our objectives.


Deniz Mining always gives priority to customer satisfaction and quality. In addition, all of our works are environment friendly and sensitive projects. For instance, we use the state of the art technology in drilling and exploding (anfa, nonel, emussion). We use cutting-edge machines and full automated crushing-screening plant which are efficient in loading and transportation.


All mining activities are guided and analyzed by expert engineers. We carry out quality, efficient and economic aggregate production of 3.000.000 tonnes per year in Cebeci, İstanbul. We are ready to convert our knowledge and experience into investment in African countries and share with them. We, Deniz Mining, would like to extend our affection and respect to all African countries.


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