Zafer Harmandal / HRK Diamond Cutters

Being in every field in the sector puts us in a different position than our oppnensts

What requirement initiated the production of HRK diamond cutters?
Hartek started production under HRK mark in 2003. However, as we are a family company, we have been producing marble abrasives and cutters since 1970s. Hartek is one of the leading companies of the sector in Turkey. Hartek is involved in marble quarry, marble factory and diamond cutter production. Being involved in every parts of the sector is our difference from the other companies. Knowing that the use of quality raw material will not be sufficient in diamond cutter production, we completed our infrastructure investment with the state-of-the-art technology machinery. Additionally, our R&D department continues to develop high quality products depending on the needs of the sector.
Could you provide any information about your product range and the advantages of your products?
Our product range includes diamond tools and abrasives for the process from the extraction stage of marble to the delivery to customers.  
What are your company objectives?
Hartek has a great position in Turkish market. It works with leading companies in the sectors of marble, granite and natural stones that provides the company with a prestigious position. We also sell to foreign markets.
Can you provide some information about your export countries and target markets?
We export diamond cutters mostly to Middle Eastern countries, UAE, Qatar, Libya, Tunis, Egypt, Russia, Eastern European countries and Bangladesh. 
Are Turkey and Turkish products known adequately in African countries? Why should and African businessmen choose your company?
We are working closely with the Northern African Countries but we believe that the contact between South Africa and the Turkish companies is not sufficient This contact will increase every year with the World Trade Bridges organized by Tuskon in particular. 
Do you think that the African businessmen should invest in this sector? Why? What do you recommend them? 
We strongly recommend the African businessmen to cooperate with the Turkish companies. Turkey can be considered as a junction point among three continents. Therefore it holds a very important position in the world in addition to its ever-increasing economic power. 


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