The heart of furniture Industry MASKO

MASKO continues to invest in the future of furniture industry with decoration and furnishing products, integral parts of human life, and adds new meaning to people, culture and the environment.


Furniture is the only whole of objects with which humans share their living and working environments in daily life. Since the ages of human settlement, people found solutions to their need for shelter and sanctuary, albeit primitive, using the means of nature; through centuries, they created different furniture and by-products. In time furniture became an object of status. Thanks to increasing technological capabilities, meeting larger masses’ need for furniture became possible. 
Traditional production methods continue to exist in furniture industry since centuries and in this respect, they increase the value of wood which is the main material of furniture and give it an identity. With the increase and popularity of modern production methods, small workshops manufacturing furniture become important side-suppliers. Today, thanks to an increase in companies manufacturing industrial furniture and programmes supporting entrepreneurship, the number of companies playing a more effective and active role in national and international projects grows. Furniture industry boosted by our country’s logistic and geographical location becomes an important industry power in Europe, Turkic republic and Africa. While our country gains economic strength thanks to the expanding global commerce network, international commercial relations and organisations, furniture’s share in industry gains more importance. In Turkish furniture industry, design is one of the most important elements in the final consumer’s decision process. From past to present, a wider range of products are being introduced to domestic and international markets with the increasing diversity of materials and growing production capacity lead to the introduction. Brands leading the worldwide furniture industry and professionals of related sectors come together in trade fairs to assess and evaluate new trends, materials and production methods and generate new sources in terms of solution partnership. 
The target is becoming furniture centre  of the world
MASKO (Small Business Cooperative for Producers of Wooden Items and Furniture) is a furniture city that brings together all the stakeholders of Turkish furniture industry, all product groups addressing homes or offices and consumers. Aiming at becoming a furniture centre with a worldwide reputation by working not only to meet the requirements of local consumers, but to increase the volume of exports, MASKO maximises the added value it brings to our country. Located at Ikitelli Industrial Zone with 778 stores and 610 partners, MASKO has a total area of 483 thousand square meters (440 thousand square meters of offices and 43 thousand square meters of recreational facilities). Representing quality in furniture industry, MASKO continues to promote furniture culture abroad with strong export activities, in addition to domestic consumers. 
Visitors of MASKO furniture city can found an endless array of furniture, accessories and decoration choices and can also benefit from services directed to different needs within the recreational areas. 
Thanks to informed and conscious designers and manufacturers that use all the means of contemporary technology, MASKO has a wide range of furniture of various designs and aims at meeting consumer needs with quality products of reasonable prices appealing to everybody. With football and basketball courts, restaurants and cafes, a mosque, easy parking, green outdoor areas and parks, MASKO is a peaceful centre for both its employees and visitors. Hosting numerous organisations with its multi-purpose meeting and conference hall, MASKO shows the importance it gives to culture and arts. 


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