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Pimak is now in the market of future, Africa

We are a company which was established in 1992 and which has been operating in the industrial kitchen sector for 20 years. In this sector, we put our signatures under many projects. Our product range includes chicken machines, baking heaters, ovens, cafeteria equipment, Döner (meat on spit, grilles on vertical charcoal fire) heaters, toast machines, stainless benches, cooling and ventilation groups, hotel and military kitchens.
We receive new projects in many parts of the world. When we look at our sector, we noticed that the companies who do their job best, who give importance to quality and who increase their market shares are more successful. I believe that the companies with strong infrastructure and good branding will grow further and that the small companies will eradicate. Today, just production by itself is not sufficient. You need to comply with certain criteria. This responsibility shapes our future. We had our trademarks registered in our country and in our export countries. We hold many international certificates. Our products are certified by international certificates of the world standard. Our most distinctive feature is that our products are designed by ourselves and can be used easily by any buyer. We established sales agencies in different regions of the world. The most important problems in our sector are the fluctuation of raw material prices and foreign currency rates. This harms many manufacturer companies. This condition reduces our competitive power and puts every sector under certain difficulties.
The stagnation in the last 5 years and the deterioration of economies made us discover new worlds. Africa region started to become a new excitement and light of hope for us. Our company joined fairs in many parts of Africa and increased its customer portfolio. Africa, the target market, includes many positive aspects for the societies to know each other in political, economic and socio-cultural terms. Industrial kitchen sector is first to remember in this respect. This sector assumed great roles in promoting Turkey in the world and in Africa with its cousin. Our main job is to design the products with which the Turkish food is cooked. Our products offer unique conditions for the African market. Some of them are our close distance to the region, quick transportation of the orders, proximity with the cultural structure of the region, product quality and price advantage, commercial and social agreements between the states.
We, PİMAK, are very active in North Africa taking all these issues into consideration. However, we couldn’t create sufficient sales points in the Central African countries. Our objective is to open branches in many parts of the Central Africa and to see the Turkish cousin and the Turkish restaurants in these places.


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