On the road to globalisation Corinox

Servicing raw materials and semi-products to Turkey’s leading bakery machines since 1999, Corinox meets many different areas and industries’ needs from patisseries to military with its products, hospitals to universities, in addition to bakeries and bread-makers.

Founding a factory and starting production in 1999, Corinox Bakery Machines services raw materials and semi-products to Turkey’s leading bakery machines since its inception. With its products, Corinox services not only bakeries and bread-makers but many different areas and industries. Operating in the kitchen of this business for 11 years, Corinex develops its brand with this know-how and experience, offering solution partnerships to many areas and industries from bread-makers to patisseries, military to hospitals and universities (especially those with food engineering or food related programmes), schools to hotels. Eighty percent of the company’s sales come from exports. Corinox supply final customers through franchises in some countries where they exist. In countries it has no franchises, it supply final customers directly. Offering various products in many African countries as well as Russia and Europe, Corinox has a team comprising of 40 open-minded, young and dynamic members with expertise on their fields. Although systematically separate, units work in coordination and integrity. While of Corinox’s future plans is to see its products all over the world, its priority is the African continent in which the company is actively operating. 


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