Mehmet Uğut / GENYA

We are aware of the fact of a developing and growing African Market.

We know that Genya is one of the biggest companies in the Forest Products Sector. Can you briefly tell us about your company?
Genya has been operating in the sector for 30 years. Wood production is a comparative business and it is not easy to address all customer segments. First you need to have a very good system to be able to send a quality product to any place of the world with favourable prices. We have been doing this uninterruptedly for 30 years. Our staff consists of expert people. Our indispensable philosophy is to provide quality at favourable prices and to ensure customer satisfaction.


As far as I can see, you have a broad range of products. Isn’t it hard to work on so many types of products?
First of all, we carry out very fast production at our facility. We are able to produce the designs from other companies at the same speed and quality as our own designs. We can package disassembled products and easily send to any point of the world.

Which countries do you export your products to?
We export mainly to European countries and then to Azerbaijan, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and other countries that join to our export portfolio.


How do you view African Market?
We are heavily interested particularly in Africa. We are aware of the fact of a developing and growing African Market. We have taken the first steps of trade with Africa and we will
speed it up in the near future.


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