Manufacturing: Ghanaian carmaker poised for commercial production

Ghanaian carmaker, Kantanka Automobile Company, says after years of vigorous research and tests, it was now determined to release into the global market strong, robust, durable and reliable cars.


The company projects to produce 70 cars by January next year, after it successfully commissioned a manufacturing plant, and launched its three flagship Kantanka car models - KantankaOnantefuo (SUV), KantankaOmama (a pickup truck), and Kantanka K71 (a mini SUV).


"Our company is ready to commence commercial production, sales and servicing of its cars, the Kantanka Cars," a senior company official, Kwadwo Safo Jnr said in a statement.


"[We] will ensure that Ghana, Africa and the world at large have access to our indigenous brand of vehicles made with extreme caution and attention to detail."


The Kantanka brand, he noted, "is commencing the next step in its quest to see Ghana and Africa participating in the global automotive industry as a manufacturer rather than consumer and after-sales-service provider".


About 21.6 million passenger vehicles are projected to be operating in Africa - making the continent's nearly 1.2 billion population, an attractive prospect for global automobile manufacturers to penetrate.


Automobile giants have welcomed African entrepreneurs' entry into the car industry - designing and developing vehicles specific for the local market and local consumers with global aspirations.


The domestic car maker says all the vehicles are fitted with modern gadgets and built to guarantee the safety and satisfaction of consumers in the lower and middle-income brackets.


Founder of the company, Apostle KwadwoSarfo, manufactured its first automobile, the Kantanka Saloon, in 1998 and a cross-country four-wheel drive, the KantankaOnantefo I, in 2006, and has since manufactured a series of brands, including a four-seat jet.



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