In the shadow of windmills Bozcaada

Bozcaada is a charming place where time slows down and there is no rush… With its blue, green, streets adorned with colourful flowers, beaches, rustic coffeehouses, market and thyme-scented hills, it can surprise you at any moment; here you can find yourself in a fairy tale.

 Article: Tülin KILIÇ


Situated close to the entrance of the Dardanelles, Bozcaada (Tenedos) is the third largest Turkish island. As you step onto the island, the first thing you should do is to discover endless vineyards stretching behind its grey appearance, charming vineyard houses that accompany them, small coves that makes you feel they are special to you, little cafes where you will feel at your own kitchen and delicious wines. 


Where to see

The Bozcaada Castle: The Castle is a historic monument that has witnessed Genoan, Venetian and Byzantine periods and has survived with all its majesty for centuries despite several conquests. Today, it is the symbol of the island.


Windmills: Thinking of Bozcaada, the first thing that comes to mind is the windmills that allows you to dream with their magical atmosphere. The Aegean Sea which lies ahead of them adds to their beauty. Visiting the Western Cape in the afternoon has become a ritual on the island. 


The Virgin Mary Church: It is the only church in Bozcaada that is open to worship. Founded in 1869, it offers a glimpse into the dusty pages of history. You can visit the church, which is located in the Greek district on Sunday mornings at 8 am.


Polente Lighthouse: Offering one of the most spectacular sunset panoramas, the lighthouse is located in the back part of the island. It is one of the symbols of Bozcaada. You should experience sunset near the Polente Lighthouse while drinking wine. 


Bozcaada Museum: One of the island’s tourist attraction, Bozcaada Museum is very different than the usual, official looking museums. The tasteful display of artefacts and interesting descriptions make a visit to the museum very entertaining. 


Wine factories: In an island famous for its delicious wines, one should not return without visiting the wine factories. There are four wine factories in the island. While visiting them, you can also get information on wine making and buy your loved ones some delicious wines as presents. 


You can also add Tuzburnu Beach, Aquarium Cove, Sulubahçe Cove, Habbeler Beach and Ayazma Beach to your list. 


What to do

Water sports: Bozcaada has a deep blue and clear sea. Therefore it is a popular destination for water sports. This charming island is especially ideal for scuba diving, windsurf and swimming. There are 7-8 points for scuba diving which fans of this sport has become frequent visitors. 


Cycling tour: This is my favourite activity in Bozcaada. There is no traffic, it is completely safe and there are many places to discover. If you want your tour to be more fun, you can drive through dirt roads and trails lined with wild flowers and enjoy cycling there. Take a break between vineyards, pass through orchards and drive towards the windmills.


Bozcaada vineyard tours: One of the most popular tours in the area are vineyard tours. Since 2009 there are sunset tours in the summer to the vineyards with tractors. In the southern shores of Bozcaada, we travel to the Çaml›ba€ vineyard where there are no houses in the area. Just at sunset, you toast your wine glass to and say farewell to the sun.


Photo tour: Bozcaada is a veritable paradise for photography because almost every street, every corner is as beautiful and special as a film set.



If you are interested in local flavours, you should definitely by the tomato jam, which is famous even beyond the region. You should also buy thyme, honey, poppy sherbet, tomato paste, olive oil and goat cheese. Cloth dolls, ethnic clothes and special design jewellery could be a good alternative for presents. 


What to eat, what to drink?

Bozcaada cuisine, which is a fusion of Greek-Turkish culture and Aegean cuisine, offers delicious flavours. You should definitely try fresh seafood and olive oil dishes. Salads and pastries made with herbs like stinger, cibes, wild radish and chicory are excellent. Goat stew, tomato jam, octopus and calamari are the region’s specials.

Breakfast in the island is a veritable feast; home-made jams (especially tomato and grape), village cheese, pancakes and omelettes made with herbs special to the island are the essential flavours of breakfast tables.


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