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Turkey has the potential to play a vital role in bringing Africa to its deserved position

Can you tell us about the establishment of the company?
The establishment of SEYAŞ Sey Architecture Engineering Consultancy Inc dates back to 1959 and the company turned to incorporation in 1974. It is one of the oldest and established architecture, engineering and consultancy companies being among the most important mile stones of its sector.
SEYAŞ creates above the standard living areas for both today and future by creative and economic designs, moving from function to form and combining effective project management without overlooking at the maintenance and operation costs. So far, SEYAŞ has provided services in many different investment projects within and outside the country in the fields of architecture, engineering and consultancy. SEYAŞ applies the same sensitivity to all details from its first project until today.  Therefore, it produces architecture, engineering and consultancy solutions aiming at creative, economic, sustainable and social development.
We took part in and successfully completed numerous prestigious projects inside and outside of the country in the fields of Industrial Doors, Management Structures, Housing Structures, Education-Health-Sport Structures, Commercial Structures, Tourism Structures, Social-Cultural Structures, Transportation Structures and Infrastructure, Earthquake Performance and Consolidation.
What is your opinion about the African Market?
Ancient African civilizations managed to convey information about themselves through the figurative scripts they wrote around 3000 BC. Hundreds of years ago, they conducted advance and important works, when compared to other civilizations of that time, in the areas of metallurgy, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, agriculture, navigation, medicine, authorship, architecture and engineering. Currently the continent contains diamond, chrome, uranium, gold, platinum, coal, petrol and natural gas contains and millions of hectare arable lands and with these reserves and young population, it has the values and power to lead in the world economy despite the defects of the economic policies applied for years.
AFRICA holds the 20% of the earth’s land surface and 15% of the world population with its 1 billion people. The continent can achieve its deserved position in the future and SEYAŞ is committed to do its part to enable this. With this awareness, SEYAŞ constantly monitors the continent and its developments and spares an important part to the continent in its strategic plan. As a first step, he joined a company in the health sector in Gambia. Based on the principle that “infrastructure means civilization”, SEYAŞ has already created its road map with the national and international companies and with its solution partners regarding first the infrastructure and transportation investments and then making projects form all kinds of industry, trade, housing and living areas and directing the investments.
With its strong economy and experience, Turkey has the potential to take active role in lifting Africa to its deserved level. SEYAŞ aimed to lead in new and big investments in all activity areas related to its sector.
Can you tell us about your references starting from 1959?
SEYAŞ has provided services in numerous national and international prestigious projects since 1959 and some of its completed and on-going projects are as follows:
Some of our completed projects:
Siemens GOSB Campus (Golden LEED)            
Areva Production Plant(Golden LEED)                                    
PW & THY Aircraft Engine Maintenance Centre (Golden LEED)
WILO Pompa Production Plant 
Bilim İlaç Production Plant                         
Alarko Carrier Production Plant      
Avon Kozmetik Plant
Sarajevo University
Asyafin Kızılcahamam Thermal Facility
Askabad / Baku / Antalya Airports
Karum Shopping Centre
Coca-Cola Headquarter Building   
Some of our on-going projects:
Siemens Location Phase 2 GOSB Campus 
Plastifay Chemical Industry Pumping Plant
Anadolu Motor Production and Storage Facility
Polyplex Corlu European Free Zone Production and Storage Facility 
Adel Kalem Production and Storage Facility 
UNO (FRB) Frozen Bread Production Facility 
IFF GOSB Facilities
Bolu Mudurnu Time Share and Thermal Project 
Arçelik Conveyor Line Project
Hyundai Mobis Automotive Spare Parts Production Facility
Data Center Concept Project
Scatollini Production and Warehouse Facility
Baku Water Supply, Distribution and Rehabilitation, Azerbaijan 
Health Structures Rehabilitation, Gambia


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