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Our target is to be one of the top 500 exporter companies

Can you give us some information about your company?
Jakko Plastik was established in 2002. It entered the sector by the trade of PPRC and pipe fittings. With the factory established in Istanbul in 2006, it started manufacture instead of dealing trade. Currently our factory provides employment to 190 people in our İstanbul factory. Nearly 18 months ago, our second factory was established in Kazakhstan to distribute to Russia and CIS countries. We plan to establish our third factory in a yet undetermined location. Our units are working on the location to choose among Africa, Europe or Asia. Jakko Plastik became a holding in the beginning of 2012 and became a factory, although only 6 years old, which exports to 40 countries and which can compete with the manufacturers who have been in this sector for 20-25 years. We are a young company with a young team and we reached to good positions in a very short time. Our next goal is to further develop Jakko Plastik in the Middle East and Africa and to make JAKKO brand known all over the world. 
What are the products manufactured in your factory?
PPRC Pipe and Fittings, PP Waste Water Pipes and PEX Pipes are the main products. I would like to talk briefly about the products. PPRC Pipe and Fittings are manufactured in accordance with world standards using the raw material called polypropylene random copolymer Type -3. The used raw material is hygienic and therefore it doesn’t contain any harmful material, odour and colour additives which may impact the human health. These products are being used inside the building heating systems, hot-cold water installation, radiator and fitting points. 
PP Waste Water Pipes are used in the transportation of waste water within and outside the building. PVC pipes are banned in Europe since they emit toxic gas during fire and threat human health. We also don’t use PVC pipes.
PEX pipes are heat resistible and can be used in both cold and hot water installations in heating systems.
Can you tell us about your R&D works?
We have 13 engineers working on R&D works and product development. We conduct all research projects for the new products within our organization. We perform all works from the design of products to packaging. We plan to increase the number of engineers in the next period.
What do you think about the place of your company in our country and in the world?
Jakko Plastik is among the leading companies of the sector in export. This is demonstrated by the rank of our company in the exporters lists announced every year. Our company was listed among the 1000 top exporter companies for the last 3 years and we plan to be listed in the first 500 this year. From the date of establishment to the end of 2011, we didn’t have any domestic sales since we only had exports. As of the beginning of 2012, we started domestic sales and we have agencies in some of the regions of Turkey. Our domestic sales director conducts sensitive works with respect to development and has systematic progress. You will hear more about JAKKO for the following couple years in domestic market.
What are the countries that you export to and do you have sales offices?
We have exports to 40 countries. We have customers and distributors in all CIS countries, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Libya and Morocco. China is another country that we plan to export. There are many manufacturers, we are aware of it. But the potential and the market sizes are huge. We have works with respect to this. I would like to state that we are very strong as Jakko in CIS countries. We have sales offices in Russia, China and Kazakhstan.
What are the quality certificates that you hold?
ISO 9001:2008, Spain-AENOR, Russia-GOST, Ukraine- UKR SEPRO, Bulgaria - BULGARKONTROLA, Turkey- TSE
What is your opinion about developing African market?
As I said before, JAKKO gives importance to Middle East and Africa. As a professional, the reason for me to choose JAKKO  is its ability to become a brand in 40 countries with its young and dynamic structure. In a short period of time, JAKKO’s preservation and competency will help it to become a stronger brand in the world in the next 5 years. We went to Tanzania in May for a market research. We know that Tanzania and Uganda are good markets. I visited Kenya before. So Africa shouldn’t be taken for granted. Jakko gives great importance to Africa. Uganda is also in our visit plan and we will make this visit in a short period of time. We will take part in exhibitions in South Africa and Mozambique in August, in Nigeria in September and in Ethiopia in October. Apart from that, we have an dealer in Angola called Fırat LDA. We have very strong organization in Angola and we plan to participate this exhibition every year. This year will be in exhibitions in Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Ethiopia and Mozambique. Next year we definitely plan to go to Cameroon and Ghana.


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