Adem Canpolat / Polat Yıldız

We need to have a better market share in Africa

Can you give us brief information about your company?
Polat Yıldız Textile was established in 1989 by Nizamettin Canpolat. The company operates in the production of cloths for men, women and children, lingerie and bra.
Polat Yıldız Textile is aware that our sector is in a process of constant renovation and change and the company continues its investments which comply with the requirements of our age.
Polat Yıldız Textile carries out its production in its factory in Bağcılar, İstanbul with a closed area of 2000 sqm. The company has a countrywide dealers network and it also exports to countries of Europe, Middle East and the Balkans.
What are your objectives as a company?
Polat Yıldız Textile continues its activities under the scientific lights in the textile sector in order not to caught unprepared for the future. The company aims to be a leader brand and company in its sector and to follow closely the agenda for having a voice in the world fashion. It also plans to turn its fashion and brand into a life style.
Do you have exports and which countries are your export countries?
Yes, our company exports to many countries of the world. Our major countries are Georgia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Germany, Libya, Algeria, Tunis, France, Morocco, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Egypt, Angola and Nigeria.
Apart from that, we want to be a company creating value for our employees, shareholders and customers and to become the first choice of customers with our reliability and high business ethics in our after sale services.
What do you think about the African Market?
We export to Angola and Nigeria, however, we want to have a stronger market in Africa which has a very good potential as we consider. We believe that we can realize better works when we combine our rich range of products with the African market.


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