88Th Oscars & It's Racial Implications

Wittingly Or Unwittiingly, There/s Slight Disingenuous Catch To That Calculus

That 2045 is expected to be the year when whites in the United States of America will be in the minority, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, is something the founding fathers namely John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington could not have seen coming. One wonders if the omission of black talent at the upcoming Academy Awards is a demonstration, among others, of how the white majority in the US are becoming increasingly fearful of becoming a minority in a country where the history of colour does not rhyme with privilege.


Information gathered by the Bureau indicates that the non-Hispanic, native-born white population “will become less than 50% before 2040”. Brookings Institution demographer William Frey told Al Jazeera America that “overall, there is white decline and minority gain for most of the projection period,” arguing that “the majority-minority tipping point date is 2044”. In simple terms, what Frey means to say is that by 2045 the white population will become a racial minority. Wittingly or unwittingly, there’s a slight disingenuous catch to that calculus.


Now the notion of minorities commandeering the population demographics in America may go down well with Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos and Native Americans but I wonder how these statistics will be processed by the dominant white majority regime that is generally ruling America right now. I wonder how many would want to understand that aside from falling below the 50% mark, the white population will very much remain the dominant majority - considering that the calculation was based on a combination of all minorities in relation to the white population.


The popularity of Donald Trump may draw its inspiration from the changes to America’s racial composition as demonstrated by these new demographics, which, while acceptable to minorities in the US, has the potential to unsettle the current majority. It therefore, makes sense to have a white President who will keep out immigrants by building a wall that will separate America from Mexico and will devise a policy of ridding the country of illegal aliens thereby keeping the influx of the non-white creed to a minimum.


Getting back into the Academy Awards situation, what you have is an overall extension of the drive of the ruling class to suppress black culture because its popularity and appeal socially engineers the acceptance of their kind making it harder to keep people of African descent for instance out of the dominant American narrative. Is it not strange that the nomination of Black thespians which used to end well - with the rise of black actors such as Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and Forrest Whitaker all receiving Academy Awards for being considered in the best Actor category - began to dip when minorities began to pose a statistical threat to majorities?

A black artiste like Tyrese Gibson continues to bemoan the fact that, in spite of the record sales of his albums he is still struggling to get his songs to play on mainstream radios in America. The national effort which is also the ruminant of white rule was re-activated the moment non-whites began to disturb the beatific balance in racial representation across America which naturally kept the Caucasian at the top of the social food chain.


Chris Rock may choose to host the Oscars next week, but he must at least be aware of his role in the new social paradigm which aims at using coloured entertainers like him as pawns in a bigger agenda to lower the number of non-whites in the society by first discouraging the popularity of black culture and reducing the value of black entertainment which hitherto had given America its overall cultural identity.


The token negro is no longer an instrument for satisfying racial quotas but rather a social device needed to maintain a status quo which perpetually empowers the whites whilst leaving the militant non-white, or the field negro, without any recognition of his priceless contribution to the American culture. The 88th Academy Awards will most likely be remembered for pushing racism which had always been latent to the American society to the fore.


By William Manful


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