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“We are the market leader in Ghana with the Suprella brand”

Africa has become the centre of attraction in the search of Turkish Entrepreneurs for “new markets” as an alternative to the narrowing European market in the global crisis. How did your Africa adventure start?
You are right, Africa has been more on the agenda especially after the crisis as an alternative market for the Turkish businessmen and entrepreneurs. As a result of my researches, which I started in 2006, we established the CCG company in 2008. In the end of its first year of establishment, we opened our CCG Ghana Branch with our local partners.
As you already know, Turkey’s export to Africa had an increase of more than 30% only in 2010 and exceeded 10 billions dollars. What is your motive in selecting Ghana in particular?
The reason for us to select Ghana is that the country is a shining star in West Africa. As an indication of this fact, Ghana was listed in the “Doing Business 2011” report of the World Bank in the 67th rank for the ease of business environment in the world and 2nd in West Africa. Long business experience of our partners in Ghana and the fact that they are from a well established family were very important for us. We put our signatures under very successful works in Ghana as a result of combining our experience.
In which sectors and products are you involved in Ghana?
We offer tomato paste, flour and pasta under the Suprella brand for the like of the people of Ghana. I am pleased to state that our Suprella brand is the leader in Ghana now. We have our own entrepots and warehouses and we completed our distribution networks. We wish to address to a population of around 350 million in neighbouring countries thanks to Ghana’s membership to EKOWAS Union. 
We would like to find out your objectives and new investment plans for Africa in general and Ghana in particular.
West Africa and Ghana really give us excitement. Nowadays we are excited to open our 2nd branch in Benin. After Benin, we are preparing the infrastructure of our 3rd and 4th branches in Chad and Kenya. Our African adventure which started with food continued with construction material after the demands we received. We found African countries very close to our culture and beliefs. They are ambitions, willing and open to development too. Quality products are gaining importance in Africa market as well. Our main objective is to offer quality Turkish products with affordable prices and ensure that our Suprella brand becomes a reliable brand in West Africa. We will move forward for this purpose with new products, commitment and motivation. We liked Africa and African people. And we will continue to introduce our favourable and reliable products to them. 
What duties are you planning to achieve your to make Suprella brand permanent in African market? 
First, we will exist with our quality. However, we will also do some publicity works to make this quality be hard by the African people. You will see the Suprella brand more often in the outdoor advertisements, billboards, written and visual media. 
Fairs are also a good field of publicity. Are you taking part in fairs?
Of course, so far we have taken part in various national and international fairs. We will be in Angola-Luanda Fair in July 2002. Fairs are important organizations for new markets, publicity of products, and meeting with the other actors of the sector. Therefore we care about participating in fairs.


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