Zafer Harmandal / Hartek Mermer

Africa is a promising region for us

Could you please give us some information about the history of your company? 
We started production in 1993. Our factory and marble quarry are located in Bilecik, Turkey.
What makes you different than your rivals in the sector?
As Hartek Group, we operate in the business of marble and natural stones and we produce both marbles-diamond tools and abrasives used for cutting marble, granite, natural stone, ceramic, concrete and asphalt. As we are a multisided company in the marble and natural stone sector, we are able to provide our customers with services of various aspects. Our main production is the beige marble types extracted from Bilecik Region and by the means of our position in the sector; we have the advantage of offering various marble types to our customers.
Can you give information about your export countries and target markets?
Our major export countries are Middle Eastern countries, BAE, Bahrain, Libya and China. 
Can you explain your product groups and application areas? 
We produce in our factory floorings, coverings for walls and steps and decorative coverings..
As a marble manufacturer, what is your opinion for the growing African market? 
Africa is a promising region for us with possibilities of growth. Therefore, it is possible to establish cooperation with Turkish companies from many other sectors as well as the marble sector. Geographical proximity can be used as an advantage. 


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